Federal FundingInfrastructure
03Apr, 24/ 0 views

Federal Broadband Funding Connects Vermont and New Hampshire

In an era where connectivity is not just a luxury but a necessity, the recent announcement of federal broadband funding pouring into Vermont and New Hampshire comes as a beacon of hope for many communities. The digital divide, a persistent gap in broadband access between urban and rural areas, has long hindered progress and equal opportunities for …

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Bead FundingEngineering
01Nov, 23/ 0 views

BEAD Funding and Expanding Broadband Access Across the Nation

In our rapidly advancing digital age, access to high-speed internet has become a necessity, essential for education, employment, healthcare, and overall economic development. Recognizing the significance of bridging the digital divide, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has taken a monumental step by allocating fu …

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Connectivity through a cityEngineering
17Feb, 23/ 0 views

A Big Job for Small Cells: The Roots of 5G

You have probably seen a small cell before, but do not know it. Camouflaged above streetlights, utility poles, and slim line poles are small antennas and shrouds that make up a small cell. These small cells are responsible for our 5G, faster internet, and larger device capacity. In this blog we are going to look at an overview of small cells, a for …

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Holiday_Charity_DonationsMaverick News
16Dec, 22/ 0 views

Maverick 2022 Holiday Charity Drive

This year Maverick Corporation’s U.S. and Irish offices kicked off the holiday season by taking part in holiday charity drives in support of local charities. Employees from our Boston head office and our offices throughout the United States made generous donations to Stone House in Roxbury, MA, while employees in our Galway office donated to …

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10Nov, 22/ 0 views

The Importance of Good Program Management

Program Management is an integral part of our success at Maverick Corporation. Our success in program management is grounded in our ability to integrate our clients’ requirements with our decades of specialized program management experience, allowing us to continuously deliver projects of the highest standard on time and on budget. Program Ma …

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21Oct, 22/ 0 views

“Safety First” – Why it’s at the center of everything we do

Safety is our core value and number one priority at Maverick. Since Maverick’s founding in 1996, we have focused on ensuring that every member of our team goes home safely, every day. We are an ISNetworld-certified company “A” rating and an exemplary 0.74 MOD rating; we will and do not sacrifice or compromise on safety.   Maverick takes pride i …

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Maverick News
23Sep, 22/ 0 views

Luke Miller New Vice President of Engineering

Maverick is excited to announce the promotion of Luke Miller as our new Vice President of Engineering. Luke’s work ethic over his last 5 years at Maverick has been more than apparent. With over 12 years of experience and success in the industry, he excels in his leadership and expertise in telecommunications. Luke has been a critical team member in  …

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16Aug, 22/ 0 views

Maverick to attend ISE EXPO in Denver

Maverick Corporation is set to attend the ISE Expo in Denver, Colorado on August 24 and 25 th , 2022. The Expo is focused on bringing like-minded companies together to discuss and explore Information and Communications Technology (ICT).   The ISE Expo focuses on “showcasing the next wave of innovative technological solutions that will help t …

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