Roundup Data Collector Software

Maverick has developed its own proprietary data collection software named Roundup. This software is an interactive common platform that allow for the paperless collection of data in real-time, which is then available to customers to view and download reports from a dashboard interface. Our expert team of software developers can tailor the reporting criteria to individual customers’ needs, ensuring that the data is precise.

The software capabilities include:

  • Map based mobile data collection
  • Captures existing field conditions
  • Pole inspection data collection
  • Form-Centric Solution
  • Survey based mobile data collection
  • Customizable
  • Real time data
  • Both online and offline capability
  • Tracks daily progress
  • Generates user friendly report(s)
  • Expedited production in the field, reducing lead times
  • Meaningful data reported to the back office
  • Enables managers to track performance at all levels of the project
  • Provides clients with real-time updates
Roundup Data Collection and Asset Management Software for Utilities