Engineering Comprehensive, Sustainable, Resilient Solutions in Power and Communications

Delivering Best In Class, Cost-Effective Engineering Solutions That Our Clients Can Depend On

Delivering Reliable Professional Engineering Solutions Globally


FTTX, FTTH & Rural Broadband

Maverick Engineering Services has extensive design and engineering capabilities servicing the telecommunications industry.

Pole Loading & Make Ready Engineering

Through our pole loading analysis services Maverick enables customers to accurately analyze the structural identity of a pole. Pole Loading Analysis is an essential prerequisite for any design or planning project.

Grid Modernization


When planning for the design or upgrades to the electric distribution system, it is essential to have extensive knowledge and experience of the infrastructure and systems of the power grid.

Advantages to Trusting Maverick with Your Engineering Needs

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    Expert Team

    Our dedicated team is formed of expert engineers, project managers, field personnel, and GIS specialists with decades of experience specific to the telecommunications and power industries.
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    Value Engineering

    Our intimate knowledge and lessons learned from previous successful projects allows us to constantly innovate our practices and bring the best in industry standards to every project, thus ensuring that it is streamlined and cost efficient.
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    High Quality

    Our years of experience and our holistic understanding of end-to-end system integration ensures we consistently deliver the highest quality throughout all stages of project execution.
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    Increased Sustainability

    The project team understands the criticality of the infrastructures being designed and installed. Our project deliverables are targeted at sustaining these critical utility systems for the end users that depend on them.
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    Safety First

    Our safety culture is among the best in the business. Our resolute commitment to quality and safety infuses every aspect of our firm.
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    Regional Resources

    We understand the importance of using regional resources to deliver our projects. We are geographically located with offices across the United States and always maintain a local physical presence throughout a project lifecycle.
Headquartered in Boston, MA, with over 25,000 sq. ft. of office space and 156,000 sq. ft. of garage and outdoor space
Additional full-time offices in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, Portland, OR, and Galway, Ireland
Successful completion of large and complex turnkey programs; design, scheduling, project management, installation, construction and material sourcing, emergency and storm response crews
Over 350 pieces of equipment, with 3 full-time mechanics and 89 Bucket Trucks
More than 150 full time construction and 60 full time engineering employees


Our mission:

Delivering best in class, cost-effective Engineering Solutions that our clients can depend on

Utility Pole Inspection Services

Areas Serviced

Maverick’s Corporate Headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts. Maverick also maintains a number of regional offices throughout the US, as well as in Galway, Ireland. We have successfully completed projects across the globe.


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