10Nov, 22 November 10, 2022Engineering
  • By Caroline McNally

Program Management is an integral part of our success at Maverick Corporation. Our success in program management is grounded in our ability to integrate our clients’ requirements with our decades of specialized program management experience, allowing us to continuously deliver projects of the highest standard on time and on budget.

Program Management includes not only managing the project in a traditional sense, but all aspects of it from schedule management, budget and cost management, procurement and logistics, as well as quality control and health & safety. Maverick begins every project with the creation of a project execution plan (PEP) and a project manual that will address each project phase from design right through to project close-out. The PEP communicates the overall project strategy, management, team member roles and responsibilities, authorities, and establishes official processes relating to all aspects of the project. We also establish strict standards so that we can measure our performance at every project phase, ensuring that we apply a consistent approach to communicating project progress with our clients.

To ensure every detail is carefully completed, the assigned project manager creates a schedule for their team to produce regular reports on contract status, percentage complete, budget status, design and quality issues, safety issues, and public/community issues. The creation of a strict schedule for progress reports and key project milestones guarantees timely deliverables and constant attention to detail.

Overseeing our projects are the Maverick program managers. Our program managers are critical to our success, they are the official point of contact with clients and establish weekly meetings to ensure that there is constant and reliable communication between Maverick and our client. The program manager is also responsible for establishing all project protocols and overseeing the collaboration between all Maverick departments assigned to the project.

Maverick has worked hard over the years to perfect our program management practices. Our success is a testament to our diligent program managers and project managers who leave no stone unturned in any project, and consistently deliver for our clients. Our unique and meticulous procedures distinguish Maverick from our competitors, and ensure that our clients are satisfied, every time.