23Sep, 22 September 23, 2022Maverick News
  • By Caroline McNally

Maverick is excited to announce the promotion of Luke Miller as our new Vice President of Engineering.

Luke’s work ethic over his last 5 years at Maverick has been more than apparent. With over 12 years of experience and success in the industry, he excels in his leadership and expertise in telecommunications. Luke has been a critical team member in making Maverick’s engineering division what it is today; hardworking, competent and committed to excellence. “I’m honored to take on this role. Maverick has felt like home for me for the last 5 years and I look forward to leading our engineering group into the next phase.” says Miller.  

Maverick is grateful to have such an integral member of our team in such a critical position. We are appreciative of his continuous dedication, loyalty, amazing work ethic, and knowledge that you bring to Maverick every day. 

CEO and President of Maverick, Michael McNally says “We are excited about Luke Miller’s new position as our Vice President of Engineering at Maverick. This is a well-deserved promotion; Luke has demonstrated over the years that he is a measured and a thoughtful leader that will extend and propel Maverick as a premiere Electrical and Telecommunications engineering company. “ 

Maverick thanks Luke for his extensive contributions over the years. We cannot wait to see what the future holds with him as the new Vice President of Engineering!